Discover you.

Dieting, calorie counting, gym memberships, fitness trackers, diet books, weight loss programs, food logging apps, meal replacements, exercise programs – you’ve tried them all.

Successfully maintaining your weight is hard and 95% of the people who try – fail.

But, you are not the problem.

The problem is that we are all very different in how we process the food we eat. Unfortunately, your diet plan doesn’t recogize this.

You are not failing your diet – your diet is failing you.

Discover the real you.

Most dieting plans don’t measure the real you. They ignore you. They provide calorie and diet estimates based on broad population averages that may have very few similarities to the real you.

It’s time to discover the real you.

It's time to discover success.

Something you need to know.

The calorie estimates you use to count calories and control weight are flawed. You are not.

From FDA food labels to wearable devices, those calorie numbers you use are somewhere between best guesses and flat-out wrong. FDA food labels and restaurant menus: they can be off by 20% or more and usually understate the calories you consumed. Your food logging estimates: they can be off by 53% or more and usually understate the calories consumed. Fitness wearable devices and gym equipment: off by 27-93% and usually overstate the calories you burned. Personal metabolism differences between two people of the same height, weight, age and gender, metabolism can differ by 600 calories a day; that's 25% or more of your daily calorie intake.

These estimations introduce such a huge margin of error that
you can be doing everything right and still not lose weight.

Meet Lume.

Meet the real you.

Meet real success.

Lume Digital Scale

Lume tells you how many calories you have consumed with just a simple daily weight measurement. No food logging. No calorie counting.

Lume Smart Phone App

Lume gives you personalized guidance on how to achieve your goal. A goal you design based on your nutritional needs, your activity levels and your personal lifestyle.

Lume Calorie Monitor

Lume tracks your calorie expenditure at the metabolic level - real calories, real results. No averages. No estimates.

Be empowered. 

Be the real you.

You choose your own personal weight loss journey. You choose what you
eat. You choose the activity that is right for you. You choose the goals that
fit your lifestyle. Lume will guide you to a new level of healthy and happy - every step of the way. Lume empowers
you to succeed with accurate, personal information unique to you.

Own your success.

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