Our team came together with a common mission: To empower dieters and health professionals with the accurate, personalized and actionable information they need to be successful at weight loss.

With all the conflicting information from celebrity experts, fad diets, meal replacement systems and supplements, we designed Lume™ around  proven scientific principles, and we intend to magnify the power of these principles by empowering individuals with accurate, actionable information rooted in scientific data.

Lume is designed to provide powerful and personalized information, to put you in control of your health, and to fulfill your desire to live a healthier, happier life. We do that by integrating science and technology to give everyone around the globe a simple and sustainable experience that redefines you and your success.  

About Lume

For the last 60 years scientists and doctors have proven that diets don't work: 95-98% of all attempts to lose weight – fail.

But, what most people don’t know is that the problem is not you. The problem is that we are all very different in how we process the food we eat. Unfortunately, diet plans don’t recognize individuals and their differences. They are built on population averages and averages are always wrong for everyone. That’s why it is important to understand: you are not failing your diet – it's your diet that is failing you.

To solve this problem, we have designed Lume to provide you with powerful and personalized information to help you understand your personal metabolism and to optimize calorie balance in support of leading a healthy life. We do that by integrating science and technology to give health conscious individuals a simple and sustainable experience that puts you in control of your health.  

The Lume Armband is designed to tell you how many calories you burned. Unlike most fitness trackers that estimate how many calories you burn, the Lume armband measures real, individual calorie expenditure in any situation – walking, running, biking, sitting, standing sleeping or doing the laundry.

The Lume Scale is designed to tell you how many calories you consumed. It does this by taking a weight maintenance equation (calories in - calories out = weight change) and solving for the calorie consumption variable using calorie expenditure from the Lume Armband and weight changes from the Lume Scale.

The Lume App is designed to give you and your health coach real insight into the number of calories burned and consumed – allowing for a greater degree of precision and control over the lifestyle choices that lead to the development of a successful weight control plan.

Here’s to the new you.