How Does Lume Measure the Calories I Burn?
Calorie burning produces heat. The amount of heat generated is proportional to your level of activity. The Lume Armband has a patented heat flow sensor that accurately measures the the body's heat expression. Lume is the first and only product that uses this method to measure calories.

What is a Calorie?
A calorie is a measure of the heat our bodies produce when breaking down the food we eat. All metabolic activity is eventually released by the body in the form of heat energy.

Has Lume Been Validated?
There have been four validation studies that attest to the accuracy of the Lume Armband. Some of these studies have compared Lume's calorie measurement to a research laboratory room calorimeter, the industry’s gold standard for calorie measurement, and have found it to be within 5% of this measurement.

How Does Lume Measure the Calories I Eat?
Lume uses an algorithm that utilizes a principle of mathematics to compute your calorie consumption based on data gathered from the Lume devices. This algorithm has been validated in a scientific study that shows it to be accurate within 2% of measured calories.

Do I Still Need to Count the Calories I Eat?
Only if you want to.