Lume™ is the groundbreaking, science-backed fitness platform that makes it easier than ever to manage your weight and improve your health.

Most fitness trackers only track what you burn—and they’re just guessing based on generic algorithms that don’t take your personal metabolism into account.

Want to track intake? You’ll spend hours measuring and logging every bite. It’s exhausting, it’s frustrating, and it’s a recipe (pun intended) for error.

It’s time for something better.

Welcome to Lume. 

The formula to lose weight is as simple as it gets: Calories Consumed – Calories Burned = Weight Change.

And yet, 95% of all dieters fail. Why? Because there is no way to measure individual calorie consumption or expenditure.

Everyone’s metabolism is different. That’s why your friend can count donuts as a major food group and never seem to gain an ounce while if you even look at a piece of fried chicken, your pants stop fitting.

The Lume team is comprised of experts in the area of science, healthcare, and weight control. We joined forces years ago with one common mission: Help frustrated consumers take better control of their health, weight, fitness level, and overall wellness.

We knew existing technology wasn’t cutting it. People spend billions of dollars on fitness trackers, apps, weight loss programs, pills, shakes, specialized diets, and more—and yet it’s still not working. 

We said: enough! 

If you ever tried to improve your health by losing some weight and failed—it’s not your fault. The whole industry has steered you wrong. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. So we made a change. And now you can measure. You can measure calories you consume. You can measure the calories you burn. And it’s all tailored to your individual metabolism.

It’s revolutionary. It’s Lume.

So, we believe that it’s time to stop blaming people for failing their diets - when its diets that are failing people.

Lume integrates science and technology to make a powerful, personalized weight management experience. 

Here's how it works:

The Lume armband is designed to tell you how many calories you burned. Unlike most fitness trackers that estimate how many calories you burn, the Lume armband measures real, individual calorie expenditure in any situation—walking, running, biking, sitting, standing sleeping or doing the laundry.

The Lume scale is designed to tell you how many calories you consumed by simply stepping on a scale. No more food logging, weighing food, or figuring out calorie content. 

The Lume app is designed to give you and your health coach real insight into the number of calories burned and consumed— allowing for a greater degree of precision and control over the lifestyle choices that lead to the development of a successful weight control plan.

We’re working hard to make Lume available to you in 2018 and we want to use this newsletter to keep you updated on our progress— and to share some helpful science-based information that may help you on your health journey.

Thank you for your interest in Lume.

Here’s to a new beginning.

Here’s to the new you.