If painstaking food logging worked, we wouldn’t be facing an obesity epidemic. The truth: calorie counting and food logging is exhausting, time-consuming—and seriously problematic. Not only does it tend to be inaccurate in spite of best efforts, it can lead to an unhealthy obsession that will do more harm than good. (And if you don’t really understand what you’re burning and how your body processes food, your estimates of what you’re consuming won’t help.)

A recent article in the New York Times on calorie counting reinforced what we are aiming to do with Lume: Stop estimating. Start measuring. Having calorie knowledge is helpful (it’s important to know that a burger is higher in calories than an apple). But the truth: Unless you can measure your individual metabolism, you have no way of knowing how many calories you really need or how your body processes the food you eat. Plus, calorie counts on packages are frequently off by 20 percent or more, and processed food is absorbed differently than whole food. 

In other words, if you think you know how many calories you need or are getting, you’re probably wrong.

And when you try to factor in estimated calories burned through exercise, you have a recipe for disaster. (And you might think your standard fitness tracker gives you accurate numbers, but science says otherwise.) 

Lume is different. Lume is designed to provide dieters with real, personalized, accurate information on both calorie expenditure and consumption. 

Lume - discover the real you.